Holli Pfau and her Golden Retrievers Nicki Bodie Tucker Sophie Daisy Chatter

Inspired by the lives, antics and talents of her six rescued or second-hand golden retrievers, Holli Pfau wrote Pure Gold to support the efforts of Golden Retriever Rescue and other dog rescue and adoption programs.

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“Holli Pfau is a captivating writer who charms her readers with engaging storytelling and a warm message. Written with sensitivity and insight, Pure Gold tells the inspiring story of the important roles our pets play in our lives and the lives of others. A simply delightful book.”

Will Gray, former Vice President of the National Geographic Society and Director of the Book Division

Buy a Book-Save a Life

For the past year or so, I’ve been showcasing a different rescue program each month and donating $10 from the sale of each book that month to support their efforts. I’d like to continue this outreach to worthy rescues that are on the front lines helping to make dogs’ lives better.

If you’d like to be featured, please contact me. It’s a honor to contribute to your work and I look forward to receiving your rescue stories and photos to be featured here

-Holli Pfau

About The Author & Her Dogs

Holli Pfau Author Photo

Holli Pfau’s dogs guided her to a new
career in animal-assisted therapy, deeper into wilderness adventures, and to relocation in the Rocky Mountains.

Along the way, she added rally obedience and dog agility to her compendium of canine activities. In every case, the dogs led the way. Pure Gold is a tale of unexpected adventures and the richness of life with rescued dogs. Read more…

Golden Retriever Rescue Organizations

Golden Retriever Foundation: www.goldenretrieverfoundation.org

Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA): www.grca.org

Listings of all GRCA affiliated rescue groups: www.grca-nrc.org

Land of Pure Gold Foundation: landofpuregold.com

Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies: goldenrescue.com

Tennessee Valley Golden Retriever Rescue: www.tvgrr.com

Southern Arizona Golden Retriever Rescue: southern-az-golden-retriever-rescue.org

Golden Retriever Rescue of El Paso: grrep.org

Rescue a Golden of Arizona: golden-retriever.org

Arizona Golden Retriever Connection: azgrc.org

Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue: goldenretrieverfreedom.com


Winner: Best Pet/Animal book 2012, Next Generation Indie Book Awards. This is the largest not-for-profit awards program for independent publishers.

Finalist: Memoirs – Next Generation Indie Book Awards, 2012

Finalist: Best Overall Design – Next Generation Indie Book Awards, 2012

First place: Best Nonfiction Cover Design, Independent Book Publishers Association, 2012

Finalist: Best New Pet/Animal Book, Independent Book Publishers Association 2012